This modern and strikingly impressive property is a mixture of a semi-detached house and penthouse. Located in the one of the most luxurious residential areas in Marbella. This vibrant and aesthetically pleasing property is surrounded by nature amid a fully private  and secure environment.

Altius of Meisho 102 welcomes guests with a bold use of colour, based on autumnal reds and bronzes, notes of art deco and a slight kirsch influence whilst it breathes originality in every corner taking pride in it´s hand picked decorative elements.

The open plan kitchen integrating the household gives way to a trendy and modern edge which is finished off by geometric figures and a melange of styles overall, from Asian vases to Morrocan style lamps going through a clear Russian influence and African masks, all under the same roof.

More colourful palettes vibe up the bedrooms and bathrooms in this modern townhouse with superlative details and exquisite furnishings.

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